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about us

Char49 Security offers a wide range of information security services with total confidentiality and reliability.
Our experienced professionals are capable of helping organisations to become more secure and trustworthy to their clients.
Char49 core business is web applications testing (websites, portals, apps, etc.) but teaming up with our well established partners we can assist your company across different info-sec areas. Our main goal is to protect our clients from every threat minimizing the risk of compromising valuable information.
We work and worry to protect our clients so they don’t have to.

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Char49 distinguish itself by being hands-on security and not simply a talk around security - we hack!

our services

  • We provide penetration testing services (one-time-only or persistent) to our customers and give the right support to successfully mitigate any identified security risks.
  • Every organisation needs a strong information security posture. We provide the necessary tools and services in establishing a channel to reduce the risk of data losses.
  • The human factor is still considered to be the primary risk in security. With our training we'll give a company and it's employees the best information to protect against ever-evolving threats.